Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Come Share My Dream

Of Owning An Inn!

27 Elm St.
Fryeburg, Maine
Elm St. is your first right as you enter the village from Rt. 302,
 right across from the post office.

Wednesday, Sept. 5th, 5:30pm

Come & Enjoy
Homemade sweet and savory snacks
Hot and cold appetizers &
Homemade Sangria

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adventures in innkeeping

The Oriental Room is just about ready for guests.  Cleaned the jets in the soaking tub last night.  The jets were on full blast and shot water all over the walls up to the faucet.  Either the soap used to clean the tub wasn't rinsed well or someone in another lifetime used the tub with bubble bath.  Based on results that is not a good idea.  I went to check a guest in and came back to a bathroom covered in bubbles halfway up the window.  The picture shown here is after of leaving it alone for 30 minutes before I tackled the clean up job.  Surfice it to say the walls and the floor are now clean as well.  :)  The good part about this adventure is I am really learning my breaking point - I haven't reached it yet. BTW The guest thought it was halarious and also took a photo for his blog.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Military Corner

Military Corner

Title: V is for B&B’s for Vets

As many of you already know, over the past few years on Veterans Day, B&B’s and Inns across the US have offered active and retired veterans free lodging for one night. This was started a few years ago as a grass roots program by an innkeeper in West Virginia that has taken off. 2012 should be a zenith year with PAII taking the lead with listing all participating properties on the ‘Better Way to Stay’ website.

Kristie Rosset, the new Chair of the PAII Board of Directors recently commented on the PAII Forum:
“B&B for Vets, is an ever-evolving process. The BWTS campaign is ever-evolving, with new video recently filmed across North America to highlight the diversity of the B&B experience. Where we are today is not the final product--just like our inns. We keep striving to improve and grow!”

Striving to improve by reaching out and connecting to more and more vets each year, thanking them for their service, one inn at a time, doing what innkeepers do best, providing comfort and service with a smile to those folks who really deserve acknowledgment for their service and sacrifice.

I will offer free nights at  the Admiral Peary Inn for Vets on Veterans Day.  I also offer, like many innkeepers, specials for vets throughout the year. 

A FUNraiser - Sacopee Valley Health Center 2012 Golf Tournament and Barbecue

A scramble golf tournament and barbecue to benefit Sacopee Valley Health Center Endowment Fund is taking place on Friday, September 14, 2012.  8am registration with a 9am start.  Held at Province Lake Golf Course, 18 Mountain Road, Route 153, Parsonsfield, Maine.

Registration includes greens fees, golf cart, gratuities and barbecue lunch.  Scramble format with a shotgun start.  Numerous prizes to be awarded at the end of play include $25,000 cash prize for a

Registration deadline is September 7, 2012.  Contact Kate Albert at 207-625-8129  Ext. 139.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Maya and Franzi

Well, my first two weeks as an official innkeeper has been a blast.  I have had some wonderful guests, a dog, a family from Germany, two repeat couples and last weekend a full house.

Maya is the hostess with the mostess.  She greats everyone at the door.  Sasha waits patiently for the guests to get in the door before she plops over on her back and exposes her stomach to total strangers for a quick rub.  And I just babble with welcomes.

Last Saturday night I had a full house and the neighbors down the street came over Sunday morning to help me.  Let me tell you about these people.  Deb and Jim.  Owners of Unique Design Landscapes.  They came into this yard and have made a hayfield into gardens.  They made brown green and flowers bloom.  When I first moved in the grass was up to my thigh (okay I am only 5'2") and the bushes were so overgrown I could not get a full view of the siding on the house.  You can now see in and out the windows, I have colorful flowers and the overhanging limbs are no where to be seen.  And Jim helped take down all the non-functioing christmas lights.

Deb and Jim have become fast friends.  Maya found them the first day I was here on one of her walk-abouts.  She goes down to them every morning for coffee.  Not only do they do beautiful yardwork but they have helped me with numerous projects around the house that I needed done and brother Jimmy was unavailable.

gotta go, laundry is buzzing.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Open for Business

The Admiral Peary Inn Bed and Breakfast officially opened for business today. We've hit the ground running with reservations in the coming days. Thank you to all those who helped make this possible!