Saturday, August 25, 2012

Adventures in innkeeping

The Oriental Room is just about ready for guests.  Cleaned the jets in the soaking tub last night.  The jets were on full blast and shot water all over the walls up to the faucet.  Either the soap used to clean the tub wasn't rinsed well or someone in another lifetime used the tub with bubble bath.  Based on results that is not a good idea.  I went to check a guest in and came back to a bathroom covered in bubbles halfway up the window.  The picture shown here is after of leaving it alone for 30 minutes before I tackled the clean up job.  Surfice it to say the walls and the floor are now clean as well.  :)  The good part about this adventure is I am really learning my breaking point - I haven't reached it yet. BTW The guest thought it was halarious and also took a photo for his blog.

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