Saturday, August 18, 2012

Well, my first two weeks as an official innkeeper has been a blast.  I have had some wonderful guests, a dog, a family from Germany, two repeat couples and last weekend a full house.

Maya is the hostess with the mostess.  She greats everyone at the door.  Sasha waits patiently for the guests to get in the door before she plops over on her back and exposes her stomach to total strangers for a quick rub.  And I just babble with welcomes.

Last Saturday night I had a full house and the neighbors down the street came over Sunday morning to help me.  Let me tell you about these people.  Deb and Jim.  Owners of Unique Design Landscapes.  They came into this yard and have made a hayfield into gardens.  They made brown green and flowers bloom.  When I first moved in the grass was up to my thigh (okay I am only 5'2") and the bushes were so overgrown I could not get a full view of the siding on the house.  You can now see in and out the windows, I have colorful flowers and the overhanging limbs are no where to be seen.  And Jim helped take down all the non-functioing christmas lights.

Deb and Jim have become fast friends.  Maya found them the first day I was here on one of her walk-abouts.  She goes down to them every morning for coffee.  Not only do they do beautiful yardwork but they have helped me with numerous projects around the house that I needed done and brother Jimmy was unavailable.

gotta go, laundry is buzzing.

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