Thursday, September 6, 2012

Over the weekend the family got together to celebrate my birthday and we spent the day moving furniture and boxes to ready my living quarters for a visit from my father.  Janice and Allen have been staying in my basement owner's quarters. It is a garden level apartment with windows and a door to the driveway. 

At 2:43 this morning Janice got up to go to the bathroom.  Shortly after she got up she heard the dinging of a car door so she peaked out the window. To her surprise there was an SUV backed in with it's hatch raised up. She, needless to say, freaked out. Allen then got up & they called me on the phone.  Jancie's Angie Dickerson came out and she took the picture above is of the license plate.  I called the police via my cell phone.  Keep in mind I have a 719 area code cell phone so the police that answered the phone is in Colorado.  They patch me through to the Fryeburg Maine police.  In the meantime I go downstairs and Janice and Allen come up.  At the other side of the door is an older man stating he's here to pick so & so up, wearing a cap and telling me to let him in.  When he reached into his pants pocket I was about out of my skin. I had no guests last night.  Few minutes later the police show up. After much conversation come to find out the gentleman is a driver for the Fryeburg Academy picking up the guest from China.  No one told the driver the guest stayed at the school last night with his son.  Everything calmed down but needless to say not much sleep for the weary last night.

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