Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ribbon Cutting and Open House

The ribbon cutting ceremony and open house was last night.  What an evening!  It was great.  There were 60 people who signed the guest book so I am assuming there were probably 65 folks in attendance not counting the few kids with their parents.  Paula and Pauline came up early and between them and Janice and Allen and I the house had one last fluff and buff.  I had local business owners, other innkeepers, neighbors, friends, and family.  A surpise guest was my mother's sister Dot (81) her boyfriend (96) and her daughter Ann with Ann's husband Steve.  The oldest guest was 103 and youngest was 5 months.  The 103 year old was wheelchair bound and three guys picker up her and the chair and got her into the living room and she shared lots of local history.  Lots of tours of the house.  Everyone one must have enjoyed the food, there was none left.  Same with the Sangria!

The picture of me above with the bow on my head, I am flanked by my sister Janice on the left and cousin Ann on the right.

I recieved many well wishes via facebook, in person, phone calls, via flowers, cards, and e-mails.  Thank you everyone for all the help, well wishes, prayers, and support.

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