Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

My first Thanksgiving spent in my new home, my dream, my inn.

There is an international high school around the corner from me with 160 students from around the world.  They do not go "home" for this holiday yet the school closes.  Some of the students go on local tours, have friends in the area, or have surrogate families in the area.  A group of 12 boys with two chaperones went to Portland for the long weekend and spent the time in a hotel playing games, swimming in the heated pool, and hanging around.  I invited this group to join me and Mike for dinner. I had two turkeys, a ham, all the veggies and stuffing, apple crisp and cool whip.  I had a blast cooking it, I ran out of oven space and loved having the kids.  What a wonderful group of boys.  From China, Vietnam, Spain, Russia, and Japan.   Maya had a blast - almost went into overwhelm with ALL the attention.  I look forward to more holidays with new and old friends.

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