Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall 2015

Fair week is almost over for another year.  Today is Thursday and Clint Black is the entertainment tonight.  If my guests check in sooner rather than later, I may just have to go over for a few hours to listen to the music.  Guests have been fun this year, great group of people who came for the fair.  My leaf peepers ended up going to the fair just to see what it was all about.   Tuesday I went to work the Rotary booth selling baked potatoes.  It was senior day so there were many wheel chairs and walkers.  Fun afternoon with some great people in the booth with me.  I went to the cow barn after my shift to see a baby 3 hours old being cleaned by its momma.  Momma still had the afterbirth being excreted from her.  Wish I was there for the birth itself.

The pig scramble was a hoot.  Baby pigs let loose in the pen with a bunch of little kids running after them to catch them.  Reminded me of the rodeos in Houston I use to go to with Steve and Keith 38 years ago where they would enter a competition to put the ribbon off the bull's neck to win the prize money.  Only the pigs didn't gouge the kids like the bull did Steve one night (he had to hold his finger over the hole in his cheek to drink his beer after he became conscious again).

Sherman Farm Maize and Weston's Farm Hay Fort are still going strong.  Cog rail to the top of Mount Washington is still running.

This is the last week for the ghost tours on Conway Lake for the season.  Gail and Joanne arrive Monday and we are taking the tour on Tuesday night.  Last time I went, the sunset was stunning.

*Fields on the Saco participants can stay with me and get discounted room and dinner tickets while enjoying an early check in and late check out.
*I am decoreated for halloween with my scarecrow Sally in the yard and cobwebs in the bushes.

 *Veteran's day is approaching fast and I have a few rooms left to give away to vets and their loved ones (dog is welcome).
*The cookie tour is December 12,13.  I will have Mrs. Clause here on Saturday as an Xtra treat for any kids (any age) to send a message to Santa.
*Craft weekends January 8-9 and 13, 14, 15th this year.  I will be sending flyers out on those events in a few weeks.

Over the summer I've had friends from Colorado Springs visit, Lynn and Richard.  Maya stuck to Richard like glue and I don't recall them ever meeting before.  We had fun going over the "Kank".

Also went to Boothbay Harbor for a short get away.  And Janice Crawford and I went to Santa's Village a few weeks ago.
Blitzen took a cracker from between my lips. And Santa and I had a long talk.   The day was very cold.  Of course I was a smart girl and took my key of the ring so I wouln't have to carry everything in my pockets.  Got back to the car and the key didn't fit.  I had forgotten I got a new ignition key when I was in Maryland and it didn't fit the locks.  Gotta love On-star!

Happy Fall.